VIR Consultant earns Great Place to Work® Certification

VIR Consultant, the world’s leading IT staffing firm, is pleased to announce that it has received the Great Place to Work Certification™. The distinguished certification is based on what current workers have to say about their time and the working culture at VIR Consultant.

The Great Place to Work® Certification recognizes what workers think about their workplace and their relationship with the core team. It defines who we are, what is important to us, and what we value, which distinguishes us as a company. 87% of VIR Consultant associates said the company is a wonderful place to work, which is 29 points better than the national average.

“Great Place to Work Certification™ isn’t something that comes simply – it requires a constant commitment to the employee experience,” said Great Place to Work’s vice president of worldwide recognition. “It’s the only formal accolade based on real-time employee reports of their workplace culture.” VIR Consultant has earned the distinction of being one of the greatest places to work in the country.”

This year, Great Place To Work® teamed with VIR Consultant to perform a company-wide poll and thorough audit to see if VIR Consultant met the criteria.

So, how did the survey turn out? Assessing our workplace response may appear simple, but it is far more involved. We showed that:

  • Implementation of VIR Consultant values
  • Open feedback culture
  • How we collect/consider employee feedback
  • Salary methodology
  • Growth

It was essentially like taking an X-ray of the entire company. According to the Great Place to Work study, job searchers are 4.5 times more likely to discover a great employer in a Certified workplace. Employees in Certified organizations are also 93% more likely to enjoy coming to work and are twice as likely to be adequately compensated.

About VIR Consultant

VIR Consultant is one of the world’s largest IT Staffing and consulting organizations. To help businesses and talent translate potential into performance, we combine our passion for people with intelligent technologies.   VIR Consultant is one of the key participants in the recruitment ecosystem, having been in business for over two decades. We understand that flexibility and creativity are important to business success, and our technology staffing firm exists only to find you the appropriate fit.

We’ve combined technology with touch for the contemporary agile organization focused on success. Our track record in discovering the appropriate technological staff, from product management professionals to digital transformation experts, will propel your company ahead.

The Great Place to Work® Certification™

The Great Place to Work® Certification™ is the most prestigious “employer-of-choice” designation businesses strive for. It’s the only award based on what workers say about their work environment — particularly how often they describe a high-trust environment. Employees and employers alike regard the Great Place to Work Certification as the global benchmark for discovering and recognizing great employee experience. Over 10,000 businesses from 60 countries apply to be certified as a Great Place to Work every year.

About the Great Place to Work®

The global authority on workplace culture is Great Place to Work®. Since 1992, they’ve polled over 100 million employees worldwide and utilized the results to define what makes a successful workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform gives managers the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make data-driven hiring choices. Every action they do is guided by the purpose of helping every company become a wonderful place to work for all.

Do you want to know what it’s like to work in a Great Place To Work® or an accredited workplace? Check out our career opportunities. We’d be delighted to have you join our team!

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