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Shortly, large investments are expected in the industrial sector, which will increase the demand for skilled workers by a factor of ten. To meet our clients’ changing needs and expectations, we at VIR Consultants work as a seamless unit across various sectors, helping them recruit appropriate candidates with the right set of skills and experience. Experts in their respective fields, our consultants began their careers in the core industry, working in various functions. Since talent acquisition is constantly evolving in this increasingly complex environment, they thoroughly understand the challenges involved.

VIR Consultant LLC : Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Technological advancements have been making inroads into the development and testing phases of various new drugs in India, disrupting the old processes to create new opportunities and a revised business model, resulting in a gradual shift in the industry. The importance of finding reliable talent who can focus on product innovation, in the long run, is therefore critical for our client's success. To this end, we offer a wide range of executive and managerial search solutions that are both time-bound and high quality.

VIR Consultant LLC : Retail Services

Retail Services

It appears that in the near future, Retailers will have a high demand for workforce. At VIR Consultants, we keep abreast of changes in the industry. An expert team of consultants who understand the operational structures and the specific needs of our clients is available to us at all hours of the day and night. To this end, we assist our clients in identifying, assessing, and recruiting highly qualified professionals with outstanding track records. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries, from the highest to the lowest levels of management.

VIR Consultant LLC : Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

For India's Banking and Financial Services sector to reach its full potential, it must hire highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and appropriate skills. In addition to recruiting for different companies, we also act as consultants and advisors to our clients, assisting them in addressing critical talent issues. Apart from executive recruitment, we also help them with succession planning and other matters. We are the recruiter of choice with our industry knowledge, proactive approach, and long-term relationships with leading companies.

VIR Consultant LLC : Aero Space


Several global giants are eyeing investments in the industry, which means the expansion of the industry will be accelerated. As a result of these developments, the industry will require skilled and talented leaders who can manage the industry's growth. Design, Analysis, Simulation, Software Development, Sales, Business Development, Finance, and Legal, are just a few of the roles we've been able to attract great talent for. Because of this, we have become one of India's most sought-after talent search service providers.

VIR Consultant LLC : Telecom


One of our dedicated teams is focused on the Telecom sector and is responsible for providing customized solutions for a wide range of industries, including Telecom operators and OEM's as well as providers of devices and handsets, etc. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best talent possible by utilizing our team of qualified Telecommunications experts who have worked in the industry. As a result of a strong network, the team has access to the best talent in the industry. Having a well-versed team also allows us to screen candidates at our end, which reduces the time it takes for companies to hire new employees.

VIR Consultant LLC : Media


It's a fact that the digital revolution and the accompanying explosion of social media have fundamentally changed the way people consume content around the world, making the global audience more homogeneous. To stay one step ahead of the competition, companies are increasingly focusing on the quality of their employees. When it comes to identifying the right mix of skills needed to meet these challenges, VIR brings innovative solutions to the table. Because of our unique position, we can provide our clients with customized talent solutions that assist them in identifying talent.

VIR Consultant LLC : Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology

Currently, the industry’s ability to process information is outpacing the rate at which information is generated. There are challenges such as a changing business environment, a shrinking/aging skilled workforce, and regulatory requirements for record/document management that need to be met. All the companies are looking for new strategies for information management at the enterprise level, which will allow them to retain corporate memory and improve organizational learning. To make the process simpler, we research and find the best talent for the concerned department.

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